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Peter Maynard is an award-winning filmmaker from London, United Kingdom. His career is rooted in moving image, creating TV, film and advertising productions. His commercial portfolio includes work for Adidas, Amnesty International, Channel 4, ITV, Nike, Paramount Network, Samsung, Sony and The Times & Sunday Times. His short films and documentaries have achieved recognition and won awards at a number of international film festivals (including best short at the LA Film Festival) and have been screened by Channel 4, Comedy Central and The Discovery Network channels.


Stay Home Faces is Peter’s first photographic project, conceived after the UK government put the country into lockdown on March 23rd 2020. This unprecedented decision meant that almost overnight the vast majority of the UK population were required to ‘stay home’, only venturing out to get essential supplies and for daily exercise. The project commenced a week later, on March 30th, as a way to document this new way of life behind closed doors. Initially photographing his friends and neighbours, volunteers soon came forward, enabling Peter to take a photo of a different household each day, as he took his daily exercise.  The subjects were never directed, only invited to look towards the camera, each finding their own expression and pose. The shot never much wider than the frame, the windows always closed, a layer of glass protecting the contributors and photographer from each other and also acting as a visible divide, echoing society’s social distancing measures.


Peter is managing partner at POPS Production (part of the Iris Network). You can follow @stayhomefaces on Instagram and see a selection of moving image work at vimeo/petermaynardproduction

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